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elcome to our site! Três Ponto Atelier is a contemporary place, open to different proposals and work areas. Starting by its localization, José Rodrigues Foundation, this is a strongly art connected place, influenced by the urban life, without leaving aside nature and how these elements relate with each other. Três Ponto label is a result of the reunion of young freelancers, specialized in different areas, which allows us to provide differentiated services in Webdesign, Graphic Design, Video and Photography. We invite you to explore who we are, our works and to join us in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Behance.

Três Ponto Team


You can check our portfolio at Behance while our site is not available.

Multimedia Designer and founder

I'm connected to the Arts primarily by my interest in communicating. I started my training course in Communication, Marketing and Advertising (at Escola Profissional de Comércio Externo), which helped me to understand the importance of individual initiative and the value that each worker can create in market. As I have always been a big fan of cinema and animation, I decided to continue my studies with a course in Multimedia and Digital Arts at Escola Superior de Artes e Design, where I developed my technical skills and affirmed my love for the Arts and the potential that I could find in them. Also made two traineeships, one at "Logo" and other at "XL Ideas Global Communications, Ltd.", which allowed me to get in touch with the business environment and taking with me additional knowledge about this area. From these experiences I ended up wanting to build something that would allow me to draw by my own hand my career. Essentially I like to be aware of what's happening in the world and the history that brought us to our time. And if I can grasp what surrounds me in photography, the better!

Multimedia Designer and founder

I focused my study on multimedia, taking initially a graduation in Multimedia between 2002 and 2003 (Asas Design, Ovar), which I deepened later with a degree in Digital Arts and Multimedia (2005-2009, ESAD). At an academic level, I had the opportunity to participate in numerous events as part of the team responsible to capture video which allowed me to develop technique in this area, as well in editing and production of videos. At a professional level I have divided my projects between Web Design and Video, which is very enjoyable. These are, in fact, my personal interests to which I have been dedicating my time and with which I contribute to the Atelier Três Ponto. With the eyes behind the camera I can amplify, analyze, stop or speed up everything that surrounds me, which helps me understand how things that surround me daily work!

Graphic Designer

I was born in Porto city, in 1987. My academic formation began in Escola Secundária Soares dos Reis, where I took a professional grade in Graphic Arts (2002-2005), which early sharpened my visual sensitivity. Interested in this area, I continued with the course in Communication Design (2005-2009), at Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Matosinhos. With this degree, my taste for typographical studies and graphic compositions increased and I addressed these experiences to create identities for companies, advertising posters and flyers, among other possibilities. In order to further enrich the knowledge acquired previously I attended a master degree in Communication and Multimedia, also at Escola Superior de Artes e Design in Matosinhos. My final project and other work can be found on my Behance web page. My big interests, apart from Design, are videogames, comics, movies and music.

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